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This is the history of Macca's 1979 Mitsubishi Scorpion. Alot of details were left out as some topics brought up are something better left to a private conversation and definitely not something that can be fit in such a shot span of time to retell everything.

We needed a quick solution to fitting some oversized wheels under the guards.

We hosted a small grassroots style track event with help from Duke Performance, Skid Control and Otaku Garage. Unfortunately, Jack's K Frank Civic decided it would blow a head gasket.

Macca breaks his Civic yet again, gets yet another engine loom and proceeds to get VTEC working again. You'll never guess what happens. Nothing... nothing happens, as normal, because we can't mechanic to save ourselves...

We hosted a car meet at VR Motorsports in Brisbane. VR Motorsports has the most advanced custom racing simulators in Australia. As well as a bar and pool table to enjoy just watching the races. VR MOTORSPORT

Before we explain everything that's happening, we thought we'd show you us once again, breaking 2 different cars in one video. A 31 and a Civic.

So we finally got the Hoonda's out to the track to put them against one another. Jacks K20/K24 EG Civic vs Macca's broken B16 EG Civic.

And so the problems continue for Maccas civic. And track is one week away.

Hi, hello, today we finally look at the Z31 Matt got, oh so many weeks ago before he left for Japan. Including everything that DOESN'T work on the car, and then Jack takes us all for a wild ride on how to change a brake master =D

A return to Macca's $800 civic before it goes off to get a new exhaust thanks to Rob Bliss Exhaust. We also massive help from MCA Suspension who reconstructed and replaced the bushing in the skunk2 coilovers found in the car.


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