March 10, 2019


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When you think of ‘Car Make Revive’ it’s hard to mistake the distinct orange that adorns the team’s fleet, but what does it mean? Where does it come from?  “Everyone was doing the “garage thing”, so we decided to go with ‘Car Make’ which was more appropriate seeing as we spent most of our spare time building just parts of cars. The ‘Revive’ part came from us putting modern technology into older generations of cars. For example, electric power steering and more modern engines.”


For Mat, the story began when he went to pick up some steel and saw an S13 shell sitting in front of the Nissan wreckers next door. It had no panels, no lights, no cradles and no glass. It was just a naked shell sitting next to the bin. “I asked them what they were doing with it and they said it was about to be scrapped. I said I’d take it, but they wouldn’t let it go for free, I had to pay $200 for it”.  I went home and grabbed a heap of old parts and robbed my mate Brett’s 180sx to get it rolling home, then the rest was history”.

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Car Make Revive started in 2014 with just five members. Mat H, Peter, Matt W, Brett and John. All of which have built some of the coolest and most unique cars we’ve seen since that origin.  Mat’s S13 caught our eye after seeing it in action at this year’s Spring Matsuri. We finally had the opportunity to see it up close and personal, and the attention to detail in this build was beyond anything we had previously seen. Giving us more of an insight into Car Make Revive as a team, and as a company.

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We realised they’re very similar to us. Just a bunch of mates that like to hang out around cars and drive together, they have far more style though. But they all share the same passion for driving.  The cars have an immense amount of character and when you start to look closer, you begin to see the time and effort going into these machines. Everything is done in- house by the team, custom hydro setups, roll cages, seat rails, wheel tubs, modified knuckles and custom crossmembers.  You can really appreciate what makes these cars so special. Little things like the practical fuse panel relocated to the centre console, as well as the custom handbrake mount.

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They dedicate their time to building these cars with the only goal of driving together. Which is often forgotten. Let’s get real, all cars suck! We appreciate them and enjoy them most when they’re done. But sometimes you forget the hard work you put into your car; times get hard when building them. The end goal gets hazy and starts to feel out of reach, but with friends by your side you may one day achieve it. I’ve never seen a car steal the hearts of spectators as much as these do. It just goes to show that friends and family are all you need.

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